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What does Onsen mean?
Translated literally, the Japanese word Onsen means Hot Spring. However the word is more commonly used to mean bath house.

Are they indoor or outdoor?
The roof and one wall of the pool rooms are made from large glass window panels. Once you're comfortably seated in your pool, the roof and wall retract at the push of a button to create an outdoor bathing experience.

How many people can share a pool?
Our pools are very large – much larger than typical hotel or domestic pools. However, we limit the number of bathers to four people.

Do you offer on-site massage?
Yes! We now offer on-site Queenstown Massage! You can book this online by selecting the Ultimate Relaxation Experience.

Are there chemicals in the pool water?
We bombard the water flow with high intensity ultraviolet rays eliminating the need for the more traditional chlorine, which is better for both you and the environment. Each pool is monitored by high tech computer equipment constantly monitoring the water and allowing the lowest permissible level of Bromine to be added to the water as required – as little as four times the levels found in Chlorinated drinking water.

Can I add anything to the pool water?
Never add anything to the pool water.

Can I bring alcoholic drinks with me?
Alcohol and glass (bottles, glasses, etc.) are not allowed in the pool rooms. Dehydration and overheating are very real possibilities given the temperature of our pools. Consuming alcohol while in this condition significantly increases the chance of feinting or falling, with significant potential for injury. For this reason we do not permit alcohol in the pool rooms.

What if I am injured or have limited mobility?
Please be aware that we are below road level and there are many stairs before reaching our building. We do have a ramp which takes you all the way down and while not steep it is long.

What if I am pregnant?
As a general rule we do not recommend that the pools are used while pregnant.